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Prince Ned Nwoko Foundation is a non-governmental organization founded and chaired by renowned international attorney, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Prince [Dr] Ned Munir Nwoko.  The Foundation is committed to working in synergy with concerned national, international and multilateral organizations as well as governments and private individuals towards achieving its goals of rendering support and services to the needy, the society and humanity at large.

Among sublime attributes of Prince Ned Nwoko that set him shoulders above his contemporaries is his philanthropic and Pan-Africanist disposition. He believes in the virtues of servant leadership, public care and social responsibility. And his life of philanthropy and social service has found strong expression through the Prince Ned Nwoko Foundation which he founded decades ago as a vehicle for helping the needy and giving back to the society.

The foundation has been a formidable outreach organ for helping the needy and rendering critical social services such as roads and bridges construction, provision of infrastructure in public schools and healthcare centres, award of scholarships to hundreds of indigent as well as outstanding students, succor for the handicapped, the elderly, poor and widows, sports and talents development among others. Prince Ned Nwoko is an ardent believer in universal humanity with uncommon kind disposition towards the commoners. His care for the sick and vulnerable is equally legendary. It is Prince Ned Nwoko’s inclination to empathizing, giving and caring that led him to embark on the current mosquito elimination and anti-malaria research programme.